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Chez Geek an 18+party card game $16.95

Chez Geek! Take it to a party, a bar, or your favorite cafe?Your friends become your roomates as you each try to get enough Slack to overcome the stress of your job. You can get points for sleeping, watching TV, and nookie. Got money from home? Buy beer and CDs, and invite your friends over to Chez Geek! We Got Slack!

Chez Geek won the Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game of 1999!

110 cards


Game is for an 18 years of age and older audience



Shockwave for Ogre/G.E.V. $9.95

Ogre Shockwave $9.95

Traveller Deck Plan 3 Empress Marva Class Far Trader $22.95

Traveller Deck Plan 3 Princess Marva $22.95

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