Gemstone Publishing has announced the July release of the first volume in a series of "manga-size" (5.5" x 7.5") full color trade paperbacks featuring the standard Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Uncle Scrooge. These editions are intended primarily for bookstore sales and will be attractively priced at $7.95 for 128-page color books. Starting in July these "Take-Along" books will be published on a bimonthly basis through the end of the year. In 2004 Gemstone plans to up the frequency to one per month.




Many of my customers want comics that they can give to their children and not worry about what is in them. Some ask about the older Superman and Batman Issues that are archived from the newspapers. These are available and we do carry some and will order anything not in stock. Most older comic readers remember The Disney and Archie Comics are still available. The Disney has changed the format of their books to a hard cover collection in a dust cover, these cost about $130 a set (100-120 issues). The Archie books are still printed in comic book format and have a cover price of $ 2.50 to $4.99 per issue.

Order you Archie's Comics Today

Archie $ 2.50

Josie & the pussycats $ 2.50

Betty $ 2.50

Betty And Veronica $ 2.50

Veronica $2.50

Sabrina $ 2.50

Sonic the Hedgehog $2.50

Sonic the Hedgehog Special $3.00

Scooby-Doo $ 2.50

Prices are subject to change without notice see the order page for information on ordering comics







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