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Heroclix DC Starter $19.95

Price: $19.95

The heroes and villains of the DC Universe enter the HeroClix game for the first time! Choose from 130 different characters to build your dream team-or use teams like the JLA, JSA, Teen Titans, or the Injustice League. DC HeroClix: Hypertime uses beautiful, fully assembled, prepainted miniatures with rules that can be learned quickly, but offer limitless strategy. Each figure stands on a unique dial base that has all the game information printed on it. There are no complicated charts, tables, or record-keeping; all the information is on the dial. Includes Superman (yeah, hes bad), Batman, Plastic Man, The Joker, Catwoman (shes bad, too, but in a different way), and many more of your favorites.

DC HeroClix: Hypertime Starter Set includes eight DC characters, rules, 2-sided map, three scenario cards, special ability card, tokens, and dice. Contents 8 Randomly inserted, prepainted, fully assembled miniatures 26-page rulebook Two-sided, 3 x 3 map Special Ability Card 8 I.D. Stickers 10 Tokens 2 Dice

Heroclix DC Booster $6.95

Price: $6.95

The eight figures you get in a DC HeroClix: Hypertime Starter Set wont be enough, so pick up these Booster Packs. Each pack contains four more randomly assorted figures of your favorite DC characters.

. Contents 4 Randomly inserted, prepainted, fully assembled miniatures 4 I.D. Stickers

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