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Gurps Low Tech  $20.95

Gurps Low Tech $20.95

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An often-requested reprint is our Cardboard Heroes line . . . beautifully drawn full-color stand-up figures. Much cheaper than miniatures, and more convenient too! We have reissued all 13 sets of fantasy-themed Cardboard Heroes in one pack, and adding duplicates of some of the "cannon-fodder" figures like orcs and undead. Over 400 stand-up figures, plus over 300 flat counters for traps, dropped weapons, creepy crawlers and the like!



Card Board Heroes

Card Board Heroes

Card Board Heroes

Card Board Heroes


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Shockwave for Ogre/G.E.V. $9.95

Ogre Shockwave $9.95

Traveller Deck Plan 3 Empress Marva Class Far Trader $22.95

Traveller Deck Plan 3 Princess Marva $22.95

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